Our coffee

All our coffees are specialty 100% arabica with a medium roast that allows us to extract each tasting note

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Arabica and Robusta

They are the two most cultivated varieties of coffee plant in the world. Although they offer the same fruit, the coffee resulting from both varieties is very different. Robusta coffee has about twice the caffeine of arabica. It offers a less acid taste but a more noticeable body. Most of the robusta coffee production ends up being used for soluble coffees or to obtain blends with arabicas to produce commercial coffees.
For this reason, at Virgen Coffee we only offer 100% Arabica coffee


Once harvested, the coffee fruit must be processed and depending on the method used, this process has a direct effect on the resulting final cup. All processes seek to have the least impact on the final product to avoid losing quality.

Also known as the dry process, it is the oldest coffee processing method. It consists of spreading the fruits and letting them dry in the sun.
This process aims to separate the pulp from the coffee bean before drying. It is done using a machine known as a pulper. Subsequently, the grains are introduced into water tanks so that the pulp remains are separated by fermentation.
It consists of leaving a percentage of pulp on the coffee beans during pulping before allowing them to dry. The pulp sugar adds more body and sweetness to the coffee.
After harvest, the coffee is pulped and then briefly dried. Instead of drying the coffee with around 10% humidity like other processes, here the coffee is only dried at 30-35 percent humidity. They are then peeled off and the parchment removed. The bare beans are dried again until they are dry enough to be stored without risk of rotting.